How to Join your Newly Created Server

All newly created Minecraft servers are preconfigured with the optimal setup as soon as you login. You have full control to change anything you want, but make sure you know what you are doing. If you need to, check the Knowledgebase, submit a ticket, or reach out to our Discord support.

Once you login, you will see your Dashboard. This is where you will find your purchased servers. Select the server and locate the server controls like the image below.

Select the Start button and wait for the server to boot up.

The server will change from Offline to Starting

You won't be able to join your server until you see it's Running.


Now locate your server IP address.

For this example, if you're a Java player, you would need to input in-game for the "Server Address" like the image shown below; but replacing with your own server address.

If you're a Bedrock player, you need to include the IP and Port for the server. It should look like the image below, but with your own server IP & port.

Once you input the correct information you can join the server!