How to Add Mods to your Server

Subscribe to the Mods you want on Steam Workshop

Open Steam and select Ark: Survival Evolved

Select the Workshop button shown in the red box in the image below.

You can use the Search bar to search for the mods you want or browse by content.

Once you find the mod(s) you want, hit Subscribe.

After you Subscribe, download the mods automatically by starting the game.

After the game is fully loaded the mods are downloaded & you can close it.


Installing the Mods to your Server

If you have a few mods, you can simply paste the mods ID's in the Steam Workshop Mod ID(s) box under the Startup tab & paste the following in the Additional Arguments box: -automanagedmods


If you have a lot of mods it can be tedious to copy every single mod ID, so we recommend following the guide below.

Select the game in your Steam Library.

Right click the game, select Manage, then Browse local files.

Open the following folders: ShooterGame > Content > Mods

In the Mods folder, you will see a list of all your mods. Highlight only the folders.

Hold Shift & Right Click them.

Select Copy as path


Open a new Notepad document & paste what you copied.

You should see a list of all your mod directories.

Highlight & copy only the directory like the image below:

Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + H to open the Replace window.

In the "Find what" search box, paste the directory you copied.

In the "Replace with" search box, leave blank.

Hit the Replace All button.


Now in the "Find what" search box, type a single quotation mark "

In the "Replace with" search box, leave blank.

Hit the Replace All button once again.

At this point you should be left with just a single column list of mod ID's

Copy this list.

Use the following website to correctly format this list:

Paste your Mod ID's in the box.

In the "Join by" search box, replace the space with a comma ,

Click "Join Lines" and copy the newly formatted list. It should look like the image below:

Open your server Control Panel & navigate to the Startup tab.

Paste your correctly formatted mod ID list in the corresponding box:

To automatically download your mods, paste the following in the Additional Arguments box: -automanagedmods

Restart your server to play!