How to Setup a LAN Games Proxy on macOS

Written Instructions:

Download the Phantom Proxy Server & open the Phantom folder.

Click the Spotlight Search in the top right toolbar and search Terminal

Open the Terminal & type the following: chmod a+x 

Make sure there is a space after the x !

Then drag the Mac Start.command file into the Terminal and hit Enter.

Then repeat the same steps above, this time dragging the phantom-macos file into the Terminal.

Double click the Mac Start.command. You will get an "unidentified developer" window, hit OK.

Open System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy.

Select the Open Anyway button, then select Open.

If you get a window asking you to "Move to Trash", hit Cancel.

Again, under Security & Privacy, this time select Allow Anyway.

Run the Mac Start.command file once more & select Open.

This must always be running when you want to play on the server.

Launch Minecraft & navigate to the Friends tab.

You should see the server under LAN Games as shown in the following image:

Select it and join the server!


Video Tutorial:


For more information regarding Phantom, check out their GitHub